What should I bring with me ?

UpWind Kiteboarding

Key West, FL

kiteboarding Key West
kitesurfing Key West

​Please make sure to bring these items with you

sunglasses with a strap for use while on the boat -- we will provide kiteboarding goggles for you to use during your lesson or when kiting.

a sun hat with a strap -- it will be windy.

long-sleeve rash guard or other sun protection garment

If it's cold : a jacket or sweatshirt to wear on the boat

your preferred sun screen -- SPRAYS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BOAT -- makes everything slippery

a thin shorty or full wetsuit and a neoprene thermal top if you have one. For students taking lessons, or experienced kiters renting our gear - we will provide you with a wetsuit / thermal top / wind jacket / booties / goggles. 

small towel -- we have a fresh-water rinse on board

any special foods or beverages -- we have drinking water on board so you can refill your bottle

a positive attitude

eagerness for adventure

willingness to laugh at yourself and others -- we've all been there  !

Do not bring these items with you 

no cigarettes, no dip, no chewing tobacco

no toxic vapor thingamajiggies
no spray-on sun screen

a cold and/or the flu --  we work very close to our students -- if you're sick then we get sick .

don't bring your baditude -- here's our motto : more altitude, less attitude, lots of gratitude

Here's what we provide

All equipment -- kites, bars, boards, harnesses, goggles, booties, wetsuits, thermal tops, wind jackets
dry storage for your small towel and sundries -- please no steamer trunks

small completely-dry storage for phones, camera, wallets, keys -- but not for iPads

drinking water

special kiteboarding booties -- all sizes

wetsuits and thermal wear

good times

priceless memories