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We are now closed for the summer rainy season. Our new season will begin early November.

To schedule lessons or kiter trips, send a text or WhatsApp message. 305- 432-1355

UpWind Kiteboarding’s aim is to help you understand and experience the power of the kite in an enjoyable and safe environment. All of our lessons and experienced-kiter trips are conducted from our new custom-built “solar” boat in shallow, flat, open water, away from any obstructions. Our kite school is totally mobile which means we can teach and ride in many different locations.  Our goal is to teach you all the skills necessary to become a self-sufficient, safe, and confident kiteboarder.  This can usually be accomplished in 3 to 5 lessons.  Our lesson programs are intense and immensely enjoyable !   We don’t hold back skills so you’ll have to take more lessons. Although we enjoy the company of our students and want you to come back, it makes us very happy to see you come back as an experienced, no-lesson kiter.   Our fully qualified instructors have served their “apprenticeship” in the waters around Key West. We eat, breath, sleep, and dream kiteboarding – and love to share our knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragements.  

Our instructors are qualified through the “Kiteboarder Certification” program and hold Instructor / Master Instructor level certification, US Coast Guard Captain’s License, and Emergency First Responder certification.  In addition, our instructors are mature, polite, and always encouraging.   Our “tried, tested, and proven system”, equipment, and rules, help to ensure that your safety comes first, and that you will know what action to take in all circumstances.  UpWind Kiteboarding,Inc has full accident and third party liability insurance.  

Offering daily kiteboarding lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced kiters by boat to the absolute best shallow-water location for lessons. 
Offering daily trips for experienced kiters, by boat, to our world-famous shallow-water location.

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