Foilboarding lessons -- also called Kite foiling

you must be at least an intermediate kiter with very good kite control 

We use the Cabrinha foil system with 3 different foil heights -- a very stable and easy to manuever foil.  This foil was designed to lift and ride at slower speeds -- also lots of fun to ride in the waves and swell. 

We start with a 40cm mast which can be used in the shallow water so you can just stand up when you fall over -- then progress to a 60cm mast and finally to the 85cm mast.  We have an ideal location for learning to foilboard - a deep channel surrounded by shallow water so you can always float to the side and stand up. And our water is very flat so waves and swell are not an issue when learning. 

Kiteboarding Key West
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​key west kiteboarding

Beginners : no experience necessary.  Minimum age 12,  must weigh at least 100 lbs.

We use only top quality CABRINHA kites, boards, and gear.  Our kites are new, perfect condition, and always properly tuned.   
All equipment needed is provided by the school.  For beginners each daily session is 4 hours.  Full day sessions are 8 hours with a mid-day lunch break back at the marina. 
We offer 2 trip options per day : morning session 8:30-12:30  or  afternoon session 1:30-5:30.

We have discovered that the fastest and safest way to learn how to kiteboard is to first develop solid kite flying skills before you attempt to use a board. We don’t start with trainer kites – we put a full-sized kite in your hands from the get go. We teach in shallow knee-deep water, miles away from land – super flat water, no obstacles.

Kiteboarding Lessons Florida

UpWind Kiteboarding

Key West, FL


We start with kiteboard theory, explaining power zones, the wind window, safety features, and how to set up your kite and lines. Don’t worry – we won't overwhelm you with too much information on the first day. Our many years of instructional experience has taught us how much is too much.  On the first day we want you to become very comfortable with the kite, not intimidated by it. You’ll practice flying in and out of the power zone, water launching and landing the kite, and body dragging.  The following day we will show you the depower system, and activating the safety leash system.  The second day is also the board day !  You’ll learn how to get on and off the board, carry the board while flying the kite, water starting with the board, and riding in both directions. Subsequent days include fine tuning your skills, self rescue, upwind kiting, transitions, and everyone’s favorite – jumping !

Our lesson programs run from 1 to 5 days (4 hrs per day).  Beginner lesson participants should consider multi-day programs -- 3 to 5 days.

Only have 1 day ?  Not a problem. We can still put a kite in your hands and let you experience the power. Then you’ll know if you want to continue with further lessons.

Intermediate and advanced lessons :

For intermediate lessons : you must be an experienced kiter -- able to kite upwind in both directions and make fluid turns.

Tell us what you want to learn and we will customize a session lesson just for you !  Transitions, jumping, toeside, Airstyle tricks, riding blind, back roll, front roll, unhooked, strapless surfboard, foilboard, or all the above plus others … just name it.