What should I bring with me ?

your preferred sun screen. we also can provide -- SPRAYS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE BOAT -- makes everything slippery

a thin shorty or full wetsuit and a neoprene thermal top if you have one. For students taking lessons, or experienced kiters renting our gear - we will provide you with a wetsuit / thermal top / wind jacket / booties / goggles. 

we have a fresh-water hose for rinsing and refilling water bottles

any special foods or beverages (no glass)  -- we have drinking water on board so you can refill your bottle

a positive attitude

eagerness for adventure

willingness to laugh at yourself and others -- we've all been there  !

Do not bring these items with you 

no cigarettes, no dip, no chewing tobacco, no toxic vaping devices, no alcohol
no spray-on sun screen

no boards with boots - no foil kites (only LEI kites allowed)

a cold and/or the flu --  we work very close to our students -- if you're sick then we get sick .

don't bring your baditude -- here's our motto : more altitude, less attitude, lots of gratitude

Here's what we provide

All equipment -- kites, bars, boards, harnesses, goggles, booties, wetsuits, thermal tops, wind jackets

We will provide kiteboarding goggles for you to use on the boat ride out and during your lesson or when kiting.
small storage area under the rear seat -- please no steamer trunks

small completely-dry storage for phones, camera, wallets, keys -- but not for iPads

drinking water

special kiteboarding booties -- all sizes

wetsuits and thermal wear

good times & priceless memories

kiteboarding Key West
kitesurfing Key West

​Please make sure to bring these items with you

Females :  we do not use waist harnesses (chest harnesses). we use custom-made, very comfortable, lightweight seat harnesses with leg straps - they do not ride up into your ribs or chest.  You will need to wear boardshorts - not shorty shorts. 

we will provide whatever is needed : wetsuit, thermal top, wind/spray jacket

UpWind Kiteboarding

Key West, FL