We offer 2 sessions per day : morning 8:30-12:30 ,  afternoon 1:30-5:30.

Kiters :  

if you can ride upwind in both directions and body drag to your board then you can join us for a non-lesson session.

  • Cost with your gear = $100 per session (1/2 day = 4 hrs) 
  • Cost with our gear = $150 per session (1/2 day = 4 hrs)   Using our gear without board = $130
  • we use only top quality Cabrinha kites & boards, and Axis boards
  • Board only rental - twintip and surfboard = $30 per session.
  • foilboard rental = $75 (experienced foilers only).  Using our gear with our foilboard = $185
  • Wetsuit rental = $10 per day

NOTE : FOIL KITES : we set up and launch in shallow water , no land -- foil kites are not allowed.
NOTE : wakestyle boots / bindings are not allowed 

NOTE : We do not offer Wing foiling services and cannot fit the large wings and boards on our boat.

kiters -- no lessons 

compressor for inflating kites plus 20 new CABRINHA kites in all sizes just in case you need a bigger or smaller kite. We also have many different Cabrinha board sizes available.  We also provide wetsuits, thermal tops, wind-stopper jackets, booties, and goggles to our customers if needed. We absolutely will take care of your every need ! Our kiteboarding location is world-class -- clear, clean, shallow water -- super flat for miles and miles -- epic !

kiteboarding key west
kitesurfing key west

​key west kiteboarding

We are the only full-time, professional kiteboarding operation in Key West.  This is our only job and we do it full time, not just part time when it's convenient. 
We have a custom-built boat just for kiteboarding allowing us to reach our shallow-water location.  On board we have a 

UpWind Kiteboarding

Key West, FL