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We offer 2 sessions per day : morning 8:30-12:30 & afternoon 1:30-5:30.

BEGINNER LESSONS : we provide all gear plus goggles, wetsuit, thermal top, wind jacket, booties -- whatever you need, we will provide.

​one instructor per student = $400  (4hr lesson). Deposit required - see "Q&A"

​one instructor with two students = $500 per session - both students MUST weigh within 50 lbs of each other.  We will weigh you so please be truthful.

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NOTE:  a beginner day = 1 session (4 hrs) -- from experience we know that 1 session per day is usually enough.  Full day lessons are available (morning session, in for lunch, afternoon session) for those fit enough - physically and mentally (lots of info).

INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LESSONS :   can be 1 or 2 sessions (1/2 day or full day)

Deposit required - see "Q&A"

intermediate  = you must be able to kite up wind, make turns, and bodydrag up wind.
full day = 2 sessions : morning and afternoon with a lunch break back at the marina.

  • lesson with UpWind Kiteboarding gear =  $400  same as beginner lesson cost
  • Lesson with your gear = $300 per session, 4hrs, (total cost) : you must be able to bodydrag up wind, kite up wind in both directions, and make turns to have an intermediate lesson.
  • 1 hr of instruction = $50 (+ $100 if your gear, + $150 if our gear).  Just tell us what you want to learn -- we will work with you for an hour then you kite on your own.
  • Foilboarding lesson :  must be at least an intermediate kiter with very good kite control = $350 (our gear).

KITERS   / experienced with no lessons needed

  • we will air up your kite and rig your lines, and provide boat rescue if needed -- all you have to do is kite and enjoy. 
  • using UpWind Kiteboarding gear = $150 per session (1/2 day = 4 hrs) 
  • using your gear = $100 per session (1/2 day = 4 hrs) 
  • board only rental - twintip or surfboard = $30 per session
  • foilboard rental = $75 (experienced foilers only)
  • wetsuit rental = $10 per day
  • Full payment due when booking. Refunded if session cancelled by UpWind Kiteboarding.


UpWind Kiteboarding

Key West, FL